Q: I’m a first time customer. Please tell me a little more about your herbal elixirs.
Our elixirs are edible, wellness products for the nourishment of the body and skin. They contain fine organic and wildcrafted herbs and flowers that are prepared over hours for a concentrated formula that is meant to be taken in small doses (i.e. a spoonful.) In terms of flavor and consistency, our elixirs are similar to a syrup and designed to contain complex flavors and elegant aroma. Some elixirs are formulated for regular, ongoing nourishment, while others are meant to be taken for a few days, until your body returns to balance.

Q: Where can I find your herbal tonics?
Herbal tonics are our ready-to-drink, bottled product meant to taken in one serving. They are perishable and only available to our local clients in the San Francisco Bay Area. We’re taking a short break from making our tonics, while we work on our website to accommodate for all products and delivery regions. Keep in touch via our website and Facebook page for more updates.

Q: I have certain health conditions and symptoms to address – which of your elixirs is best for me?
Our elixirs are natural, edible delicacies. They are not medicine and not meant to be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. As with any herbal supplement, if you have specific health concerns or are seeking medical advice, please see or consult with a healthcare professional.

Q: Is there alcohol in your products?
Our herbal tonics are alcohol free. The ABV (alcohol by volume) in our elixirs range from 10-20%. We use organic grape alcohol in our products as a natural preservative and an effective medium for extracting and delivering the chemical constituents of our herbal ingredients. The 10-20% per packaged volume ends up being an extremely small amount per serving (a fraction of a teaspoon) but if you are sensitive to alcohol, pregnant, or nursing, we would not recommend using our products.

Q: Should I change my daily routine or dietary patterns when I’m using Reorient’s products?
Following doctrines and principles of Asian herbal medicine, we consider consistency to be key to health and beauty. We don’t believe in drastic changes to one’s regimen, nor do we suggest miraculous results in a few days. In general, regardless of whether you are using our products or not, we like to promote a well-balanced dietary, exercise, and sleep routine year round. You may also find that adhering to these suggestions around food and sleep will help your body absorb and make better use of the benefits our herbs have to offer.

  • Eat a varied, unprocessed diet. Remember to eat plenty of veggies.
  • Try to drink water warm. Avoid drinking anything iced, unless it is an incredibly hot day or your body is overheating.
  • Avoid oily and spicy foods.
  • Consume more liquids, and that doesn’t always have to come in the form of water. Try a warm bowl of porridge, oatmeal, or broth in the mornings for breakfast, or supplement your dinners with warm broth or light soup.
  • A consistent sleep pattern is key. Try extra hard to go to bed before 10 pm.

Q: When will I begin to feel the benefits from Reorient’s products?
Everyone’s body is different, and individuals respond to our elixirs in different ways. To be absolutely honest, our products may have a larger impact on some than others. In those ways, it is not unlike any skincare or bodycare product. Some may be able to feel a difference in their complexion, quality of sleep, digestion, and level of energy within a week, while others notice it over a longer period of time. Like most good regimens, our herbal products work deep to influence the balance within your body, and therefore have a cumulative effect over time.

Listen to your body and how it responds to our elixirs. You may start feeling subtle differences in the way you feel and look. Some even feel cravings for that extra bit of nourishment when their body needs it.

Q: Are Reorient’s ingredients organic?
We source herbal and floral materials of the highest quality from around the world. While we often use ingredients that are organic, our commitment to quality means that sometimes the best iterations of that ingredient may not be certified organic. Some are wildcrafted, and sometimes we work directly with farms and small growers who, despite careful and conscious growing practices, are not certified organic due to the cost and logistical difficulties of doing so, especially those not in the U.S. Overall, regardless of certification, we are diligent about testing ingredients for potential contaminants and pesticide residues.

Q: How many servings are in one elixir bottle?
In general, each bottle contains 20-40 servings, depending on the product and your selected level of potency.

Q: How often should I use Reorient’s products?
Each of our products is formulated for different uses and schedules. Please visit the “Directions” section for each elixir on our website, to read more about our suggested use and direction.

Q: Do I need to refrigerate your products?
We recommend refrigerating our herbal elixirs after opening for maximum freshness. They do not need to be refrigerated before they are open. Our herbal tonics are perishable and therefore have to be refrigerated at all times.

Q: Can I still use the elixir once it has past the expiration date?
We recommend using the elixir before its “best by” date, to enjoy best flavor and potency. If you waited a long time to open your elixir and found that the “best by” date has just passed, the elixir might be past its peak but is still safe and able to be enjoyed.

Q: Why are there 2 bottles of Rose & Root in a single package?
Rose & Root is an elixir that is based on the principle of nourishment, which takes place over time. The packaged volume of 8 oz was intended to allow use of this formula for a certain period of time in an ongoing, consistent way, but we did not wish to sacrifice freshness by packaging it all in a larger bottle. By offering Rose & Root in two bottles, we maximize freshness and potency for your enjoyment and nourishment.

Q: I see some sedimentation at the bottom of the bottle. Is this normal?
Sedimentation is a completely natural part of our production process, since we use unprocessed, whole herbs and flowers and they tend to settle. We suggest shaking the bottle before opening, and each time before you take our elixirs.

Q: Are your products gluten free and dairy free?
All of Reorient’s products are vegan and free of the eight most common food allergens, including gluten, dairy, nuts, and soy. In addition, our products are made in an allergen-free facility for your protection.

Q: How important is it to follow the recommended usage (dosage) instructions on the bottle?
The printed instructions are our recommendations for how to take each elixir. However, all our formulas are gentle and designed to sway your body softly in a positive direction, instead of making major shifts, so pay attention to how your body feels after a while. Everyone’s body is different, and you should feel free to scale slightly up or down in frequency. Our only guideline is consistency, especially for elixirs that provide an ongoing nourishment routine, like Rose & Root.