Philosophy & Inspiration

Reorient is a luxury herbal house, a small haven of wellness rituals and curated beauty experiences, inspired by the Orient. It’s an old culture where the tradition of internal balance and nourishing beauty first started, with rituals passed down from generation to generation. For a thousand years, raw herbs and their products were considered the most luxurious of foods, gifted from husband to wife, mother to daughter, and subjects to royalty. Held in higher regard than gold or silver, these botanicals had the ability to perfect the body and complexion in a way that was at once powerful and gentle.

In our little workshop in SF, we create formulas and remedies inspired by traditional herbal doctrines, treasured natural materials, and stories found in ancient Chinese history.


Our Story

We continue this tradition of ritual nourishment from the Old World to our studio in San Francisco, crafting elixirs and tonics that are delicacies with powerful benefits and exquisite taste. We work with the finest raw materials, using only whole plants and flowers, and employing delicate methods to capture their essence as they relate to all senses. Our specialized and intricate process of slow-brewing, decocting, and extracting takes weeks of careful work and blending to perfect.

Each product is crafted by a third-generation herbalist and blending specialist who combines the efficacy of the formula with unique aroma, taste, and experience. They were intended for ongoing nourishment, and we seek to make each moment of self-care a moment of beauty.


Time-Honored Ingredients

Schizandra berry is a uniquely beautifying herb. It helps the skin to hold moisture and rejuvenates from within. Ritually taken, it brings a luminosity and clearness to the complexion. Schizandra fights the effects of stress within the body, and has a calming effect, while also generating energy and improving clarity and focus.
A flower treasured across cultures for its ability to clear heat and inflammation. Prunella further helps clear the stagnation of energy and targets unwanted water retention in the body.
The root of the lush and romantic Peony is a powerful element for nourishing and enriching the blood. It also calms the liver and clears heat toxins.
Red Rooted Sage, also known as Salvia Root, vitalizes and invigorates the blood while clearing energy blockages within the body.
Full of powerful antioxidants and with many therapeutic benefits, Licorice Root builds energy and nourishes the blood. It is also well tolerated for helping the body respond to and process stress. Additionally, the root is detoxifying and calming to irritation and inflammation within the body.
In our unique formula, Rose acts as a messenger, directing the benefits of the other herbs toward the head and face and amplifying its own benefit of promoting the healthy flow of energy. Rose is also cleansing and calming.
Beloved for centuries, this citrus fruit is known for its high vitamin content and immune-boosting properties. Grapefruit adds rejuvenating and uplifting properties to our formulations.
This luscious red berry helps to move energy through the limbs, organs, and skin. Hawthorn also aides in digestion and blood movement.
The leaf of the treasured verbena, or verveine in French, helps regulate digestion, boosts immunity, and provides relief from nervous afflictions and stress.
Solomon’s Seal Root provides moisture and lubrication to body’s joints, skin, and eyes aiding in smooth luminous skin.